Friday, April 1, 2011

A day for fool's, finally you can be yourself..

Happy April fool's day everyone, if you got pranked today haha, if you did the prank good for you for enjoying being a fool today.
Today's post is going to get back on the diabetes topic. I take insulin and pills so I have decided to post something about how insulin works and helps a diabetic out.
Elevated levels of glucose in the blood stimulates cells of the pancreas to increase insulin secretion into the blood. The insulin circulates the body, and within minutes, stimulates the liver and muscle cells to take up glucose from the blood. As glucose is removed from the blood, obviously blood levels fall. As the levels in the blood fall, the secretion of insulin falls to, so less is produced, and less is taken up by the liver and muscle. In this way, the blood glucose level is reduced back to within the normal range.
For those of us who use insulin it sucks to have to poke yourselves (I do 4 times a day) but it doesn't mean the end of world you have to learn to adapt your lifestyle. If your lucky enough (sounds odd that I am saying lucky) you will be able to not need insulin if you lose weight or you take control of your diabetes with proper eating and pills. Sometimes your doctor will put you on it to help you out because you don't properly control your sugars, if you have problems or don't quit really understand and are afraid to ask you can visit it is the web site for the Canadian Diabetes association
they should be able to point you in the right direction.Have a fun fools day

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