Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whew a close one yesterday. Judge Judy ended up being rushed to the hospital from the set of her show was a little scared there for a bit but it just turns out to be nothing major. I like her cause she put's up with no bullshit, and tells it like it is. Hope your back pounding that gavel soon.
So here is that awesome recipe that I said I would post today it's for little mini quiches that you can make for that morning or for the next, very easy to make.
First I preheated my oven to 350 then I sauteed mushroom, peppers and onion together and put them in 4 muffin tins or ramikin's if you prefer, than I lightly whipped 6 eggs and poured them evenly over top then I put a little goats cheese in them. You can put in whatever you like (spinach, sausage etc.). Make sure you use pan spray on the tins. Put in oven and cook for roughly 20-25 mins. I turned them half way through I don't really trust my oven.
Nutritional value per serving:Calories 168, Total Fat 8g, Carbs 7g, sugars 2g, protein 17g, sodium 367mg, cholesterol 8mg.
Made these and man were they great easy to do, quick to reheat in the morning and something different.
Quote for the day- Always forgive your enemies-nothing annoys them so much.
Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Parking and Government some how these people share the same brain.

Hey everyone just a quick post for today first went to the eye doctor today and everything is the same all good. Now a little quirk about me is that when people do things that hinder other people it annoys me a little, and i fell that these people need to know so I politely point it out. Today's was at the doctor's he has 4 parking spot's 1 for small compact car' 3 for everything else, as I was going to my vehicle I noticed that someone with a smart car was parked in a regular spot he should have been parked in the small car spot. You might think oh no big deal but if I pulled in and the only spot available was the small one and you drove a big vehicle it would be a problem. I wouldn't care if there were a lot of spots like at a mall put when there are so few be considerate.
Last rant, got my tax return back today ya money, the thing is every time we move the government some how figures out that the address on my wife's return is where to mail it but some how they keep mailing my stuff to my dad's. I have called them 3 times to tell them my address but they can't seem to figure it out. I owed them a GST payment i shouldn't have got when me and the wife got married they remembered to take that but can't figure out how to get my mail to the right address.
Thank's fo r lending an ear for some bitchin' tomorrow I will share a great breakfast recipe that I made for this morning it's amazing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was sitting reading a book last night and it's weird but while I read I end up doing a lot of thinking which is good but also bad because I end up not realizing what I had just read and have to re-read it again.
I had said yesterday that Diabetes is a way of life and you have choices that you have to make, this might sound harsh but the choice are dire. They start from from ignoring your sugars to which cause short term grogginess to constant washroom visits, in the long run blindness, amputations, kidney failure. Now you have a choice sure it is easier to just forget about your sugars have those extra beers or eat the sugary foods but is it easier to have dialysis or is it easier to have a foot amputated and and need a wheelchair or a prosthetic.
These may not sound great but it is or could be where you end up without taking care of yourself.
Know I am not the perfect person here like I said I had a hard time coming to terms with my Diabetes but now I am realizing what could happen.
I am writing this posting as I sit here in an air cast on my foot because of a foot ulcer off work for 6 weeks thank goodness I am taking care of it early cause if let go I could loose part if not all of my foot.
The choice is yours I know it is a pain to not have all the foods that are bad for you but think where you might end up from it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Coming to terms....

Hi to anybody reading this, I decided to start a blog as a way of airing and dealing with the problems of being a Diabetic. I am not trying to solve all the problems of Diabetics out there but just to give an idea and maybe a way to help other Diabetics to come to terms with their current or newly found disease. If you felt like sharing tips or ideas feel free to.
A little about me, i'm 33 just got married 18 months ago to a great lady who over time has become a great source of companionship and strength. I found out i was Diabetic around 11 yrs ago but at first I thought oh no big deal what ever i am young it won't effect me and put it on the back burner. It wasn't till 6 yrs ago I went for a job and had to disclose my medical history and had no choice but to deal with it. Needless to say it was a good thing my sugars were so out there mt doctor was surprised i wasn't in a diabetic coma from high sugars.
I went to a information session to learn about how to take care of it man I sat there thinking how the heck am I going to do this I was so used to partying and eating the way I wanted and it was difficult. I would do good for a couple of days then think ah i can eat that burger and fries and have 5 beers i have done so well lately but to my disappointment I was only setting up a downward spiral cause for the next week i would eat bad.
The problem was I had never come to terms with being a Diabetic.
I slowly learned that it is a way of life you have to change everything you do.
That's it for now, I am going to try to write every day see you tomorrow.