Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was sitting reading a book last night and it's weird but while I read I end up doing a lot of thinking which is good but also bad because I end up not realizing what I had just read and have to re-read it again.
I had said yesterday that Diabetes is a way of life and you have choices that you have to make, this might sound harsh but the choice are dire. They start from from ignoring your sugars to which cause short term grogginess to constant washroom visits, in the long run blindness, amputations, kidney failure. Now you have a choice sure it is easier to just forget about your sugars have those extra beers or eat the sugary foods but is it easier to have dialysis or is it easier to have a foot amputated and and need a wheelchair or a prosthetic.
These may not sound great but it is or could be where you end up without taking care of yourself.
Know I am not the perfect person here like I said I had a hard time coming to terms with my Diabetes but now I am realizing what could happen.
I am writing this posting as I sit here in an air cast on my foot because of a foot ulcer off work for 6 weeks thank goodness I am taking care of it early cause if let go I could loose part if not all of my foot.
The choice is yours I know it is a pain to not have all the foods that are bad for you but think where you might end up from it.

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